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DK Moore

Free-lance paralegal looking for information for a marketing plan, any suggestions on good marketing sources in the Denver area?

Traverse City Lawyer

I wonder whether outsourcing would work for small and solo law firms as well? I wonder whether any of the outsourcing companies are offering services for small firms, or if it is just the big firms who will benefit.

Small firms and solos, which sometimes have intermittent staffing needs, would certainly benefits from the cost and efficiency of outsourcing. I hope such a service becomes available in the future.

Enrico Schaefer, Traverse City Attorney


we are team of young lawyers from india, we are interested in providing legal outsourcing services to U.S and other countries.we need more informations regarding this topic.

Erin A. Fulop

AB & E Corporate Law Clerk Services provides lawyers, law firms and business with outsourcing solutions in Ontario, Canada. Perfect for large firms or the small firm. Please contact AB & E Corporate Law Clerk Services.

Steven Brough

Hi, it has always confused me how an industry like law can be outsourced overseas, aren't their laws different? How do they perform legal tasks for other companies? Do they need to train specially or is there documentation provided specially for these purposes.

Ruth Balkin

That's a very good question. I know that outsourcing of legal research is done. This wouldn't be a problem, since it is not the practice of law. I do some legal research for clients, and I'm not a lawyer.

As for legal work, I would imagine that they are trained in US law or even licensed to practice here. India is a prime outsourcing country because their system is based on the English system.

I will post your question to a law librarian discussion list to get some more answers for you.

Does anyone else want to comment or answer Steven's question?

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